Dad’s Birthday

by | Dec 2, 2010 | family

December 2nd has always been a special day for me.  Dad would have been 82 today.
The Lord took him home eleven years ago…that’s hard for me to believe.  Eleven years…it seems like it was just a couple of years ago.
I learned so much from my dad.  He had a big part of helping me be who I am today.  He instilled in me things I didn’t even know were there until I became a parent and an adult…especially his work ethic.  I inherited his independence, his stubbornness, his willingness to help others…and his dimples (which my children both have now too)!  I can’t help but see my dad in Ali and Zach when their dimples catch my eye! 
I couldn’t have asked for a better earthly father.  He loved his little girl, and I always was aware of that.  He made me feel loved…even through my rebellious teenage years.  I remember the look in his eye when he joined mom and I at the bridal store and I walked out wearing my soon-to-be wedding gown.  His eyes welled up with tears, and a smile came over his face.  I tried my two favorites on, and since he was paying for the gown, I wanted him to pick which one he liked better.  Even though he knew one was $300 more than the other, he chose the more expensive one.  He wanted me to have the best.  (Tears come as I write this.) 
Looking back, I have no idea how they paid for the gown, let alone our wedding reception.  Owning his own mechanic garage wasn’t bringing in tons of money.  It was hard, dedicated work…every day (except for Sundays).  He certainly wasn’t getting paid what he was worth.

My dad was a wonderful father.  I love him and miss him greatly.  If he was here today, I’d be making him a chocolate cake, we’d be celebrating as a family tonight with a meal, and there’s no doubt I would tell him today how I love him and how special he is to me and to the rest of our family.  And I would thank him again for all he has done for me.  There was no one like Dad.  No one.  Someday I will get to see him again in our heavenly home.  That day can’t come soon enough!

Happy Birthday Dad!

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