Class Reunion Part 1

by | Aug 15, 2012 | friends, summer

I was able to spend Saturday afternoon and evening with some of the most special people from my past…some of my classmates! I can’t say enough how great it was to see them, and how good it did my heart to do so!

Some I haven’t seen since I graduated. Some I keep in touch with regularly. We only had 27 in our graduating class. Thirteen of us came back for this reunion 25 years later.

I have much more to share, which I will do in another post. But I celebrate these special people in my life through these pictures today. What a blessing they are! We certainly had a wonderful time together…both in school and on Saturday!!

 Sheila, Patty & I
 Jill & Bill…what a great couple!
 Sheila, Chad & Susan, Randy
 The 13 of us…Front row: Patty, Me, Karen, Barb, Sheila
Back row: Matt, David, Andrew, Chad, Randy, Larry, Bill, Russ
 With our spouses
 My lovely friend Sheila!
 My beautiful friend Karen!
 Sheila, Karen & I
 Laughing hysterically…
 More laughing…
 Unable to breathe at this point from laughing so hard…
 My buddies from high school…Sheila, Patty & Karen
 Now the tears from laughing so hard…
 I love these women!
 My honey & I
 With Andrew & Bill
 Awesome guys…Chad, Russ & Andrew
 Lewis & Patty, Barb & Gary
 Awww….Barb & Gary
 Melanie & Larry
Finishing the night at Buffalo Wild Wings with Shannon, Sheila, & Andrew
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