Saturday Morning With My Coffee

by | Aug 11, 2012 | This Lefe Family

My coffee tastes wonderful on this beautiful Saturday morning!

Despite my allergies acting up, I probably feel the most rested I’ve felt all week. I chose to sleep in a little this morning. My alarm was a phone call from our Mission of Hope Shelter, as I’m on call this weekend. But it felt good to get almost eight hours of sleep last night!

The sun is shining. It’s 56 degrees outside, and expected to get to 77. It’s going to be a beautiful day for our 25th class reunion, which takes place later today. I can’t wait!

I’m thinking back over our week…

It was a challenging week at work for us. It was a draining week at work for me. We are gearing up and preparing for our annual Hopefest which is in a couple of weeks. We had some extra things to deal with this week on top of all of that. But as I think back, God has handled it all. We’ve continued to trust Him. He’s been so faithful!

And then I was able to soak in His beautiful handiwork. I captured some beautiful sunsets on my evening runs…

There’s never a dull moment here at our home. And I guess that’s a good thing. 🙂 Our two outside cats had babies while we were on vacation last month. One had four and one had five. Yesterday they all seemed to mesh together out there, so now we have nine babies all playing, sleeping, eating together. It’s been quite entertaining!

Ali and Zach are growing up into wonderful young adults! I am both thankful and impressed with how they are living their lives right now. They seem to be spending more time together lately, and even went out to dinner together one night this week!

Zach earned his school driving permit on Tuesday. He is excited to drive to and from school! He’ll get to after a few more times of driving back and forth with one of us in the car. The day he pulls out of our garage on his own to drive to school will most likely be an emotional one for me. It’ll be a good thing, but I’ll miss our times together in the commute we’ve taken for the last ten years.

We purchased Ali’s books for college this week and walked around the campus together. She says she’s not ready for it, but I believe she’ll do great. She begins class in a couple of weeks. She’s picking up more hours at work, and is moving into a different area where her pay will increase. She’s excited about that!

Bill and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. We enjoyed dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants. Bill spoiled me with wonderful gifts and two dozen roses. 🙂 It was a special day! We plan to retreat away together for a weekend in September to celebrate.

I love how God intertwines our lives with others. Within the last few years, He has brought my classmate and friend, Patty, back into my life. We grew apart after high school. She moved thousands of miles away, and I stayed near “home.” We’ve gotten busy in our own lives–going in different directions, yet we’ve been able to get reconnected with each other, I guess through facebook. She and her family came back home this weekend for our class reunion, and I was able to meet her beautiful children last night. She, her husband Lewis, Bill and I all went out on a “double date” last evening. We went to our favorite spot, a local winery where we enjoyed a relaxing evening of music, food and great company! I love how there’s never a lull in our conversations, and I’ve been reminded again how much Patty and I have in common…still after all these years! It was a refreshing and fun evening out! I look forward to spending more time with them later today, and next week as she and I have planned some early morning walks together!

As I look ahead, Ali is saying goodbye to her friends this week as they go their separate ways off to college. I imagine it’ll be a difficult week ahead for her as she does so. Zach’s club soccer practice begins this week, and since I’m much more involved this year as their team manager, I will be busy making sure our team is registered and confirmed for upcoming tournaments and getting player cards secured. Zach is so looking forward to soccer again…he lives, breathes, sleeps soccer! He will be starting school this week, which makes my heart sad. How did this summer fly by so fast???

I’m thankful God has allowed me to be so much a part of my children’s lives, from the day they were born. It’s been a blessing for me to watch them grow as they have. I know God has big plans for their futures. I pray daily they continue to follow His leading for their lives. As this new season of our lives is upon us, I look forward to new and exciting experiences with our family, and continuing to create more wonderful memories together!

Time for another cup of coffee…

May God bless your Saturday!

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