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Trending: Distracted Living 8

Life is full of distractions. Today we hear and read much about distracted driving. Sadly, I’ve been guilty of it, a time or two, or three. Maybe we all have?? I’ve also been guilty of distracted living. Continuing from yesterday’s post, there are times we may set out to do a specific task or project, […]

When There Aren’t Enough Hours In The Day 4

Baby #1 was to arrive any day. Working my at-home career was going well. Everything was going as planned… until our sweet little bundle of joy arrived on the scene. I wasn’t ready for this. I went from 90 miles an hour to a standstill. From planning my work day, to planning when I could […]

Why Do We Keep the Stuff We Don’t Use??? 2

How about this for a sight? No, I don’t have young children playing in my cupboards any more, and no we haven’t had any sort of disaster in our kitchen. I AM DECLUTTERING! For the last few weeks, I have been on a mission to completely declutter our home. Pulling everything out of cupboards, closets, […]

Goodbye Junk Drawer

For the last three months, I have come to the conclusion that there are things in our home we do not need. It’s been freeing to give myself permission to let go of these unnecessary things and to embrace the idea… “If I don’t use it or it doesn’t bring me joy, I’m not keeping […]