Box 148

by | Jul 28, 2008 | Personal memories

Today as I ran a few errands, I stopped at my local post office to mail a couple packages. I’ve known the lady who was behind the counter for years, as this is the town I’ve lived in since 5th grade (except for a few years of living in a couple other area cities). We exchanged small talk, she asked me about my family, we took care of my packages and I was on my way…until I turned to walk out the door and glanced at the box numbered 148 in amongst the other post office boxes along the wall.

I couldn’t help but pause for a moment as I was filled with a multitude of emotions in that split second of looking at the numbers 148. Box 148 was the little box that my family got our mail in every day for years as I was growing up, and still did until my mother’s death in December of 2006.

I guess I experienced a flashback of sorts as I continued slowly on through the door exiting the post office. My mind took me back to the days of my youth…when I would run down, sometimes alone or with my younger brother, to this very post office to get our family’s mail during the days of summer. I could picture some of the shorts and shirts I used to wear. I could feel the carelessness I used to have as an eleven year old. Then I thought about how it felt to run back home and what I could always expect there…love, joy and a sense of stability. Tears filled my eyes as my thoughts then turned to Mom. Wow, how I miss her!

My life seemed to come “full-circle” as I stood outside the post office. Here I was now, a grown woman, wife and mother…standing in front of the same post office I used to as a little girl. My children are now the ages I was in the years I flashed back to! My life was a lot more simple then, but I thanked God for where He has brought me today, and all that He has done in my life.

I have no idea what kind of childhood you had, or where you came from and what experiences God has brought you through. But may I remind you of something today? God is faithful…always has been and always will be. He’s the one thing we can count on…Box 148 reminded me of that today. May you continue to live a life that honors God!

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