Blessings in Pictures

by | Apr 22, 2012 | This Lefe Family

I just looked through the pictures I’ve taken of our family this week…and with tear-filled eyes and a very thankful heart, I can only say…

God has blessed me!

I have a wonderful family.

I have amazing friends.

I live in a place where everywhere I look is God’s beauty before me.

I have healthy kids who can play soccer, who can be the soccer team manager, who are good-hearted kids, and who love God.

I have a husband who loves me…unconditionally…even when I don’t deserve it.

I am healthy…my heart issues have passed, my ovarian cysts are gone (or at least not bothersome), I haven’t dealt with a migraine recently, my foot issues currently are managable, and I can exercise.

I have such a rewarding job and I get the privilege of breathing hope into people’s lives.

I sometimes want to ask God, “Why me? Why, with all my faults and flaws, do I get to be so blessed?” But I have learned to just be thankful…and I am. It’s good to pause and see just how very blessed each one of us is…especially today.

Enjoy some of the events of our life caught on my camera this week!

 A beautiful sunset on Monday evening from our bedroom window
A breathtaking sunrise Tuesday morning from our kitchen window
 Ali “managing” the soccer team Tuesday afternoon during half-time
Zach battling against a Waterloo East player in Tuesday afternoon’s game
 Zach playing against Linn Mar Saturday morning
 Zach handling the ball during the second game on Saturday at home against Dubuque Hempstead
 These games sometimes get pretty physical…Zach is #2.
Zach wins the ball!
 Great foot skills (if I do say so myself)!
 Zach scored the only goal during this game (not this picture, however)
 Zach waiting for ball to drop
I love this pic…taking the ball downfield.

Our beautiful niece, Regan in her dance recital Saturday evening
 Two darling cousins, Reagan & Ali
 All of us with Reagan
Reagan is so special to me!
I hope you have the opportunity to pause today and realize the many blessings in your life as well!
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