Bill’s Garage Day

by | Oct 3, 2011 | fall, family

Yesterday was Bill’s Garage Day!

October 2, 1972, my dad purchased the Culver Garage in Norway and began his own mechanic garage, “Bill’s Garage.” Because this was a special day for him and for our family, he termed October 2 “Bill’s Garage Day.” Our family has called it that ever since. 

Yesterday morning, as soon as I realized it was October 2, my mind remembered what day it was! (Believe me, that’s surprising these days.  My mind doesn’t seem to want to recall much lately with all that’s going on in there!)  But sure enough, when I checked the calendar, it confirmed that it was Bill’s Garage Day!
My siblings and I have special memories of Dad’s garage…my two oldest brothers probably hold the most memories, as they spent more time there than my younger brother and I. Bill’s Garage held a special place in my life.  We would often ride our bikes to dad’s garage.  He had a snack box on his counter that we would put a quarter in the slot, and be able to choose what kind of candy or small bag of chips we wanted.  Dad’s watchdog, King, was a white German Shepherd.  I thought it was cool that “our” dog could shake hands.  He was a good dog, and seemed to enjoy us when we’d come by to visit.

One memory that is instilled in my mind all these years is when my dad’s arm caught on fire while I was there.  I don’t remember all the details, but I can remember seeing flames crawling up his arms as he was working under the hood on someone’s car.  I can vividly picture that scene to this day.  I ran to the other side of town where Mom was getting groceries at the local grocery store to tell her and to get help.  I realize now as an adult, Dad had it all under control.  But for me, who was probably six years old at the time, I thought my dad was going to go up in flames!  Thankfully he ended up being just fine.  I wish I could ask him today for more details of that event.

Bill’s Garage was in existence until 1992, when that summer, Dad decided to retire. It makes my heart just a little sad that neither Ali or Zach was able to experience their Grandpa Bill’s garage, which was so much a part of my life growing up.  For 20 years, Dad worked most weeks Monday through Saturday, helping people with their vehicles, farm equipment, school buses, trucks, and etc. It was hard work, and he worked alone. Rarely did he ever complain. I learned a lot from watching him and his work ethic.

Below is the article that was in the little local newspaper back in 1972, announcing Dad buying and starting his mechanic garage. It made the front page of the paper! It brings back wonderful memories of Bill’s Garage and of my dad.  He was an amazing man and father!

Happy Bill’s Garage Day (a day late)!

Happy Bill’s Garage Day everyone! 🙂

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