Acts 1 – What I’ve Learned

by | Sep 26, 2011 | Faith

Bible 1 edited 1

Last week we studied Acts 1 in Bible Study Fellowship.  Some of the things God taught me through this chapter are:

–After Jesus’ resurrection, He would seem to appear to His disciples “out of nowhere.”  One minute they may have seemed alone.  The next minute He was with them.  I learned that even though Jesus had been invisible to the disciples, they realized He had been with them all the time.  He heard every thing they said, and saw every thing they had done.  Jesus was teaching them that He would be present with them, even if they didn’t see Him…especially after His ascension.  He is still with us, even today…even when we don’t see Him.

–I was reminded that when a person accepts Jesus as his or her Savior, the Holy Spirit indwells that person and that person is adopted as God’s child.  He or she is sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day he or she goes to heaven.

–Whenever God gives someone a command, He ALWAYS gives His power to carry it out, through the Holy Spirit.

–A part of BSF’s notes really struck me…”The first duty of all Christians is to look daily for Jesus to come and to live as they would want Him to fin them living when He comes.  He wants to find us doing His work, giving the food of God’s Word to those He has given us to feed.”

–I was impacted on how the Holy Spirit imparts power to us…not human power, but God’s power.  We are vessels God’s fills to be used by Him.  We can only do His work through the mighty Holy Spirit’s power.  Work done on our own strength will never work nor will it ever last.

It was a great lesson.  I’m looking forward to this week’s!

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