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by | Sep 23, 2008 | Love God

Have you ever had the desire to read and understand the Bible? Have you ever heard people share stories from the Bible, and you wished you could learn more? Have you ever had the thought, “The Bible is hard to read…I don’t understand that language?”

Well, I have to say I used to have those exact same desires, wishes and thoughts. That was until I began attending an organized Bible study called Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). This is my twelfth year in it! We just began the study of The Life of Moses two weeks ago, and I’m totally enjoying getting back into it!

I was always intimidated to attend a Bible study because I didn’t have much Bible knowledge–very little, in fact. The Bible was intimidating to me because I didn’t understand some of the language. But I had a desire to want to understand it. I was invited by my friend Jeanie to attend a Wednesday morning class with her. That was in February 1997. I was eight months pregnant with our second child, and it appealed to me that this Bible study had a children’s program that I could bring our almost three year old daughter with me. I was hooked at that very first class. I enjoyed learning, I enjoyed the people, and I enjoyed sharing this time with our daughter.

Our children grew up with BSF as a part of their lives…from two years old up until last year (almost 9 years)! It makes me feel secure in knowing they both have a solid Biblical foundation that they can carry with them into adulthood, and that will help them the rest of their lives!

Bible Study Fellowship is a worldwide interdemoninational Bible study with almost 1,000 in 30 different nations. You’ll learn solid truths of the Bible, and trust me, you’ll enjoy it if you allow yourself to! More information can be found at You can also check out the website to find if there’s a class in your area!

I would enjoy learning God’s Word with you this year!

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