Being Thankful This Morning

by | Aug 23, 2010 | thankfulness

I’m very thankful this morning for many things…
…Thankful that my ultrasound of my thyroid last week showed no change in the nodule that’s on the left side!  No further follow up is needed! Praise God!
…Thankful that today is my day off!
…Thankful that I’m able to enjoy my coffee in my office this morning!
…Thankful that I’m able to take Zach to and from school today (and every day)!

…Thankful that I’m going to have a follow up mammogram today!
…Thankful for this wonderful family God has given me!
…Thankful for my three brothers, my three sisters-in-law, and my nieces and nephews!
…Thankful for Jesus and my eternal security!
…Thankful for a wonderful worship service at Mission of Hope Saturday night!
…Thankful that I’m able to exercise this morning!
…Thankful for our family’s health!
…Thankful that I have today!
…Thankful that I’m loved by God (and so are you)!

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