Being Thankful Day 22

by | Nov 23, 2011 | Mary Kay, thankfulness

Today is Day 22 of my Being Thankful posts this month.

I am very thankful for my Mary Kay business today!  In February it’ll be 18 years ago that I began my Mary Kay business.  I started it when I was pregnant with Ali, and in working it the way I did, it allowed me the freedom to stay home with Ali and Zach when they were young.  I worked from home and worked my business around them, and around Bill’s busy schedule.  It afforded us many things that we wouldn’t have been able to do or have without it.  And the training I received through my business has benefitted every area of my life since!  The communication skills I have learned are priceless to me! 

Even though I work full time at Mission of Hope, and I don’t have the time I used to to devote to my business, God continues to bless our family through it.  I am thankful for my business, wonderful customers, Directorship, and the beautiful women I get to work with!

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