Bedtime 8:30?

by | Jan 11, 2010 | family, just for fun, schedule

Last night I did something I haven’t done for a very long time…I went to bed at 8:30! Actually Ali and Zach did too. I remember as a kid, my bedtime used to be 8:30…and how I didn’t like that…I wanted to stay up later! Know as an adult, I’m wanting my bedtime again to be 8:30! 🙂

We arrived home from a very long day of soccer and volleyball around 7pm last night. Before I go any further, I just need to ask…Whatever happened to the day of rest that God instructed us to have on the Sabbath in the Bible? Why does everything have to take place on Sundays? I just don’t get it, but to most of the world, Sundays are just another day. Gosh, I think Rascal Flatts has that in one of their songs. I’m going to look it up right now…

Sometimes it feels like this world
Is spinning faster
Than it did in the old days
So naturally, we have more
Natural disasters
From the strain of a fast pace
Sunday was a day of rest
Now it’s one more day for progress

And we can’t slow down ’cause
More is best
It’s all an endless process

(From their song Mayberry.)

Anyway, back to my original thought…Bill had a work commitment last evening, so he missed out on an “exciting” night at home. (Kidding!) Ali took a quick shower, and Zach and I plopped on the couch. We realized we missed the Cardinals/Packers game on t.v, which we both wanted to watch. Bummer! We just heard the score but no details. We turned on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, I did my normal shedding of tears during that show, and after it was over, I was exhausted!

I turned to the kids, and said at a few minutes after 8pm, “I’m pooped. I think I’m going to get ready for bed.” Ali said she was also, and so did Zach. I knew Ali was exhausted…she had been up since 6:30 a.m, after having only 4-1/2 hours of sleep after getting home from her show choir competition from the night before, and she had played volleyball ALL day!

We turned off the house lights, got ready for bed, said our prayers together, and retired for the night at a whopping 8:30! I had the desire to read my Daily Bible before closing my eyes, which I hadn’t done for awhile. How refreshing for me to end my day on God’s Word! I prayed, turned off my lamp next to the bed, I rolled over, and I was out.

I know I generally don’t get enough rest. I know that I need more. I certainly felt it last night. I wish I could make 8:30 my bedtime every night…but for now, I’ll just take advantage of those nights when I can! Oh, to be a kid again and have an 8:30 bedtime! 🙂
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