Because of Hot Rollers

by | Jan 9, 2010 | This Lefe Family

Last evening I had a very special time with my daughter, Ali. And it was all because of hot rollers.

A couple of hours into our evening, Ali began getting ready for her day today. She has a show choir competition in Wisconsin. She had to arrive at the buses very early this morning with her hair done in curls. I began fretting…”How are we going to get her hair done so early in the morning?” “We are both going to have to get up at 3am to do her hair!”
So, after her shower, I suggested to her we do a trial run with her hair last evening. She grabbed the hot rollers that Santa brought her for Christmas (which she said didn’t work right), and a bar stool from the kitchen, and brought them into my bathroom. I grabbed my Kenra Volume Mousse and Thermal Spray (I love that stuff for curls), my pick, and the blow dryer.
As I was blow drying her hair, my mind kept flashing back to the times I used to do Mom’s hair. Mom always enjoyed me blow drying and curling her hair, especially after she became ill. Those thoughts warmed my heart, but also made me a little sad. To be silly, Ali began to clip the hot roller clips all over me as I was blow drying her hair…on my sweater, my jeans, in my hair. I just let her do it. 🙂 She was having a good time making me look so goofy.
I had never used these hot rollers before, so the first couple curls didn’t look very good…I used too small of rollers. She began to freak out…saying she looked like George Washington. 🙂 We fixed them by curling them again, this time with the jumbo rollers. I would take a section of her hair, spray it with the Thermal Spray, roll the roller underneath the section of hair, then she would had me a clip to secure the roller in. We did this until we ran out of rollers, then would have to wait a few minutes, remove them, then begin in another area of her hair.
All the while, she was getting texts from the same boy that was on the snowmobile in our back yard the other day. I would ask her what he was saying…sometimes she would tell me, sometimes she wouldn’t. I asked her questions about different things regarding him. I would see her different reactions after reading each text of his. She talked about things at school, her volleyball tournament tomorrow, and all sorts of other things. I was completely soaking this time in with her! We don’t get that time together very often…just her and I in my bathroom. 🙂
After we were all done, her hair was adorable! I was pretty impressed! These hot rollers were doing the trick…and of course I had to rub it in a little to her because she said they didn’t work when she had tried them before. 🙂 She still called herself George Washington, but I thought she looked beautiful!
She slept with her hair like that last night, and this morning at 4:15, we only had to do a few touch-ups…she was good to go! Ali has six more show choir competitions to come, and I am SO looking forward to having that time with her, putting hot rollers in her hair! 🙂
Thank you, God for giving me that special time with Ali last evening!

(pictures from Ali’s Show Choir Concert in December)

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