A Neti Pot??

by | Sep 4, 2011 | health, just for fun, me

The things I share on my blog…Remember my post awhile ago on being real?  Well, here’s another “real” post from me! 🙂

Thursday I went to see my doctor.  I figured I had a sinus infection, and sure enough, I do.  Each year in the fall it seems like I end up with a sinus infection, stemming from my allergies…despite daily taking my allergy medicine, Mucinex and my nasal spray. 

I’ve been on antibiotics for three days…and they don’t seem to be doing anything yet.  Dizziness, headaches, sinus pressure, nasal congestion and coughing are all the things I have been experiencing.  Trying to be patient. 🙂

During my visit, my doctor suggested getting a sinus rinse Neti Pot.  I really didn’t know what one was, but I had heard of people using sinus rinses before.  When I filled my prescription at Walgreen’s, I checked these Neti Pot things out.  The thought of a sinus rinse made me squirm, and all I could think about was how gross it would be to use it!!  Despite those thoughts, I purchased one anyway, and have been using it for the last three days.

I can say, it wasn’t as gross as I thought it was going to be, and even after the first time my sinuses felt different.  I think over the long term this will be a very good thing for my sinuses, and really help me prevent sinus infections!  My family laughs at me, and step out of the room when I’m using it (thank goodness!).  But truly, it’s really not that bad.  It’s strange…but not bad. 🙂  This thing looks weird too, but like I said, I think it’ll make a difference.

I’ll keep you posted on the Neti Pot!  (And if you seem to have sinus issues, you might want to try one yourself!)  🙂

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