A Great Week for Ali

by | Sep 17, 2011 | This Lefe Family

Looking back at our week, it was a great week for Ali. 
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Ali has been struggling most of her Senior volleyball season with pain in her back.  It’s due to her hips being misaligned, which is actually problems with her sacroiliac joint.  It has affected her back, legs, and glutes, and has prevented her from playing much of this season.  It’s been a frustrating experience for us both.  Her physical therapist arranged for Ali to get a sacroiliac belt, which has helped keep her hips aligned, especially when she’s active. 
The great news…Ali felt good enough and pain-free to play on Tuesday!  She played on the J.V. team and played well.  It did my heart good to see her on that court!  (I think it made her week!)  Her health is one thing none of us takes for granted anymore.  I am so proud of her for keeping a great attitude through this ordeal, and for trusting God to work everything out for her good!  We’re taking it day by day, continuing to pray and trust God to heal her, as we visit the physical therapist twice to three times per week.
Ali blocking at the net (in black)
 Ali hitting
 Ali passing the ball
 Hitting again
This weekend was Choreography Camp for her for show choir.  This is her first year in Ambassadors, the varsity show choir.  This morning five of her friends came at 5:20 and “kidnapped” her for part of her initiation.  She was such a great sport!  It was a fun experience for her as they went to Perkins early for breakfast before the Camp started.  They had some initiation to go through at the beginning of Camp, and it sounded like it was a great day from beginning to end for her.  As I write this and it early in the evening, I think she’s napping in her room…she’s pooped.  Oh, to be a Senior again! 🙂
 Ali, Cassidy & Kelsi
 Cassidy, Ali, Brittany, Bri, Tess & Kelsi
Her Senior year is going to fly by.  I’m soaking up every bit I can with her! 🙂  Looking forward to another great week ahead!
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