A Fun Week!

by | Aug 9, 2009 | family, schedule, summer

We had a fun week! With school starting in eleven days (ugh!), we are appreciating our time together as a family even more! Bill was on vacation this week, so we were able to do some extra things we don’t normally get to. 🙂

Monday we recovered from the Lefebure Reunion weekend! Whew! (Could we be getting old?) We registered Ali and Zach for school that afternoon, then Ali went to the beach with her friends. Monday night I had my Mary Kay celebration dinner.

Tuesday I was at the Mission. As soon as I got home we left for the National Balloon Classic in Indianola. What a beautiful afternoon/evening! We really enjoyed our time there…the balloons, the weather, the laughs and the fun!

Wednesday Ali helped at volleyball camp at school in the morning. We spent the afternoon together at home until I had a Mission of Hope Board Meeting that evening. 🙂

Thursday Ali helped again at volleyball camp in the morning. I had my long-awaited hair appointment early afternoon! Highlights, low lights and a trim! It’s amazing what a cut and a few highlights can do for a girl! 🙂 Tracy does an AMAZING job! After picking up Ali, we all went shopping for school supplies and etc. Could it really be that time already?? 🙂

Friday Ali had a pre-season volleyball tournament at school. We watched her play in the morning, took Zach to grandma’s in the afternoon, then met up with Pat and Stacie to travel with them northward to our friend Gary’s surprise 60th birthday party! Gary was VERY surprised!

Yesterday we spent most of the day at Ali’s volleyball tournament. What a great player she is! She’s going to do very well this year! Ali went with friends last evening to a local town’s “Fun Days” while Zach, Bill and I went to dinner at Boston’s!
Yesterday was also our 17th wedding anniversary…wow how quickly seventeen years pass! The weather yesterday (hot and humid) was very similar to the weather we had seventeen years ago! With so much going on this weekend, we plan to celebrate our anniversary better another time soon. 🙂

This week will be our last full week of summer vacation. This summer has flown by us so quickly…I feel like I’ve blinked, and here we are already getting ready for school to start again. I am cherishing these last days before the kids go back to school! 🙂
And…just to add some fun…
My picture picks of the week… 🙂
The most funny picture?Look at this little boy’s hat…it looks as if Tigger is looking at us! 🙂 We laughed and laughed about this picture!

The picture that makes me smile?

Ali and Zach are laughing histerically at something at the Balloon Classic…their faces say it all! Oh, to be 12 and 15 again! :o)

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