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by | Aug 7, 2009 | friends, Mary Kay, thankfulness

One thing I didn’t expect when I began my Mary Kay business 15-1/2 years ago was the wonderful women I would have the opportunity to work with, and the beautiful frienships with them that would come to be such an important part of my life!

I think about what my life would be like without them, and it saddens me. I can’t imagine it. We women need friends!

We need people in our lives who lift us up when we are down.
Who believe in us and cheer us on, no matter how bleak a situation might look.
Who know our faults, but look past them and love us anyway.
Who will put their own needs aside to make sure we are ok.
Who will love us enough and will not be afraid to confront us on something if it’s needed.
Who get excited about our successes, even sometimes more than their own.
Who encourage us when we begin to doubt.
Who never give up on us.
Who find the silver lining amongst the darkest of clouds.
Who understand when we just need a good cry, and who are there to allow us to do that.
Who pray for us, even when we don’t know they are praying.
Who help us think bigger than we thought originally possible.
Who make our lives better just because they are in it.

That’s who these women are to me. They are life-long friends. Yes, we all have different personalities, and yes we all work differently. But the bond we have with each other allows our differences to be appreciated, not criticized.

We had a celebration dinner Monday night at my friend Jeanie’s home. It was a wonderful evening of food, fellowship, celebration and inspiration. We celebrated each other’s past year’s achievements and inspired each other for the new year (our Mary Kay year begins July 1). I took lots of pictures, and as I was doing so, I got caught up in the moment of just how special our Mary Kay bond is. There’s nothing like it anywhere. I became so thankful and grateful for these women in my life.

So today, I wanted to appreciate them publicly. I am thankful for each woman I get to work with, even if they aren’t in these pictures. I am so very grateful God placed each of them in my life! I rely on their friendship, support and love more than they know! šŸ™‚
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