A "Do-Over?"

by | Apr 8, 2012 | God

this is the day

Time to be real…As I close out my day today, resting my head on my pillow, I’m reflecting on this day.

I failed miserably. I was unloving to Bill at times. I was impatient when I should have been patient. I was critical when I should have shown compassion. I was grumpy when I should have been joyful. I wish I could have a “do-over” today.

We all know we can’t turn back time, but we certainly can make things right. We can apologize and change our behavior, which I intend to do.

Easter morning is just a couple hours away. There’s never been a better time than now to repent, and to rejoice in a fresh start with respectable and God-honoring behaviors! Not in our own strength, but in the Lord’s!

I pray your day was a blessed one, and may Easter bring rejoicing in your heart as you remember and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection! May it be a fresh, new start for us all!


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