A Cyclone!

by | Feb 2, 2012 | This Lefe Family

We got some good news yesterday…

Ali was accepted to Iowa State!

She called me during her lunch period yesterday at school with the good news.  I am so, so proud of her!

Bill was a Cyclone, so he is excited for her to follow in his footsteps!

But the realization of this news has planted a lump in my throat.  How can Ali be the age to go off to college?  I feel like these almost 18 years have flown by me.  I always knew this day would come, but I’m not ready for it…yet. 

A friend of mine encouraged me on facebook today…
“Julie, the Lord will prepare you each step of the way. I am so thankful He doesn’t take them right from Kindergarten to College. He prepares our hearts as they find their wings. And He loves them more than we ever could. Hugs.”

Her comment truly gave me a peace.  I know the Lord will prepare me, and I’m thankful for that.  He will also prepare her as she finds her wings.  It’ll be a new chapter in our life, but a good one.  I do look forward to watching her soar!

Go Iowa State!!

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