A Busy or Full Life?

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Love God, personal journey

Is your life busy?

Or is it full?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s not one of us who isn’t busy. We all live busy lives. But, it was about this time a year ago, I chose to stop using the word “busy” to describe me and my life.

“Busy” is word that I believe many use as a badge of honor. The busier one is, the more important he/she seems.


“Busy” also can be used as an excuse or a reason to do or not to do certain things.

“I’m too busy. I don’t have time for that.”

We each have a choice in how we live our lives. We choose our schedule. If we choose not to be “busy,” we won’t be.

I’ve chosen instead to use the word “full.”

“I have a full life.”

Dictionary.com defines busy as:  full of or characterized by activity: a busy life.

It defines full as:  abundant, well supplied, completely filled, filled to almost capacity.

“Full” better describes my life, and puts a much more positive spin on things!

Driving home the other day, I was tired after a long and active day. Thoughts filled my mind of all the things I was able to do and take in throughout the hours. I began to thank God for each one. I thanked Him for my full (my abundant, well supplied, completely filled) life. I thanked Him for allowing me to experience so much in one day.

As I did so, my attitude began to change from exhaustion to thankfulness. From tired to satisfied. From weary to embracing my purpose. From feeling empty to having more to give.

What a difference one word can make!

Maybe the next time you catch yourself voicing, “I’m so busy,” the better words might be, “I have a full life.”

Blessings on this “full” day! Enjoy!



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  1. Beth S.

    Julie, I love this so much. I’d much rather view by days as full instead of busy. Thank you for this change of perspective you have given me today as I head into two weeks with lots going on but all things to thank God for. Beautiful reflections. Blessings. xoxo

    • Julie

      Hi Beth! I believe changing our perspective makes all the difference. It sounds like you have some exciting things going on in your world…lots to be thankful for! Enjoy! Blessings to you too!

  2. Abby

    Beautifully put, Julie. We we thank God for that we have, our perspective changes. As Ann VosKamp puts it in a book I’m reading, 1000 Gifts, “Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle.” Thank you for this reminder today. You are a blessing.

    • Julie

      Abby, you are a blessing too! Thank you! I love that from Ann VosKamp. So true, isn’t it??!! Hope you’re having a great week, friend!

  3. R. Rodgers

    I really like this! When I am feeling busy, I will stop and consider whether I am full or busy, and be sure to thank God for the full times! And if I am “busy” I should re-prioritze. Thanks for sharing this outlook.

    • Julie

      This is what I do too! Makes a big difference in my days. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing! Blessings!


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