93 Pounds Lighter

by | Jun 12, 2012 | Bill, family, health

My husband has done something pretty amazing…

He is 93 pounds lighter today than he was on January 8 of this year!

I couldn’t be more proud of my man!

Bill has taken it upon himself to make positive life changes…to eat healthy, balanced meals and to exercise almost every day. It has surely paid off. It hasn’t always been easy or convenient for Bill, but he never used anything, including his crazy schedule as an excuse.

He is down to the size of when we married 20 years ago! I have my husband back! He is such a different man today than he was when he started. His thinking has changed. His energy has increased. He’s positive, uplifting and encouraging, even more than before. He is living a healthy, balanced life again.

His influence on us as a family has been huge. We are all healthier today than six months ago too.

I don’t think he’ll mind me sharing that I hugged him the other day, and I realized my hands could touch behind him! I can’t remember the last time they were able to do that. I love this man so much, and I’m so thankful God has given him the desire to be healthy. I want him around for a very long time! 🙂

Bill, if you’re reading this, I love you more today than I did 20 years ago when I married you. And I love you more today than I did just six months ago. You’ve made your health a priority…for yourself and for your family. You’ve given us the greatest gift…yourself. I’m so very proud of you! Great job! Keep up the great work! I’m behind you 100%!!!

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