So Much Done…So Much to Do!

by | Jun 13, 2012 | This Lefe Family

Bushes have been removed and new ones are planted.

Flower beds are weeded.
Garage is cleaned out and painted.
Balloon chandeliers are finished.
Centerpieces are done.
Food is ordered.
Tent is scheduled to arrive Saturday morning.
We have gotten so much for Ali’s graduation party this Saturday. Her party has given us a new motivation to get some things done that we’ve wanted to for a very long time. As soon as I arrived home from work tonight, I worked here until 9:15, had dinner, worked a little more and am finally calling it a day. I’m exhausted.¬†
And out of the blue, I get this text from my friend Patty tonight…”Hey friend. Thinking about you today. Enjoy your week and don’t forget to just take a breath. Everything that HAS to get done for Sat. will get done. Anything you accomplish over and above that will just be a bonus. Love you.”
Patty always seems to know just when I need some encouragement. She sends me these incredible texts just when I need them the most. What a gift she is to me! When I finally had a chance to look at my phone, it was too late to text her back. God is using her to encourage my heart. Thanks, Patty. Your friendship blesses me more than you know.
We still have a long list to do ahead of us in the next couple of days. I want to be able to enjoy these next few days, and to enjoy celebrating Ali on Saturday. I will continue to trust God that He will continue to encourage me and that He will equip us to get done all that we still need to. And that He will provide a beautiful day for her party (there’s a chance of rain and storms on Saturday)!
I’ll keep you posted! And you know, if God puts someone on your heart to encourage today, tomorrow, this week, follow through on that. I’m so glad Patty did! ūüôā
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