57. 9 Ways To Stay Focused And Less Distracted

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Podcast

We live in a distraction-filled world, don’t we? If it’s not our devices, it’s our thoughts wandering. If it’s not the troubling headlines, it’s the circumstances we just can’t find a way through. There are so many distractions! I’m glad we’re in this together, because I know from experience, I’m not alone in this fight against living distracted. So, hang with me here this short while and together we’ll find some help and hope and a whole lot of encouragement in this episode as we face living less distracted head on. As we learn ways to stay focused and less distracted.

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I arrived to my destination, but I couldn’t completely remember every part of driving there.

I went into a room to get something, but when I got there I couldn’t remember what I was going to get.

Working at my laptop, attempting to get everything crossed off my list for the day, a notification on my phone dinged. Before I realized it, I had wasted a half-hour on my phone that I could have spent more wisely working.

Can you relate to any of these?

Life is full of distractions.

We live in a distraction-filled world. We have more things vying for our attention now than I can ever recall. Our devices, social media, internet, t.v., news headlines, other people, our packed schedules and to-do lists, the day-to-day circumstances we find ourselves in. And these are just some of the external distractions we face. Not to mention our worries and cares, our wandering minds, internal stress, past regrets, shame and guilt, striving for the future, our fears, health issues, and negative thinking. These internal distractions can be just as confounding, if not more, as external ones.

Is this our lives now? Because if it is, this can’t be good. Living distracted like this is not healthy for us. Living distracted is not living an encouraged life, and it’s certainly not God’s best for us. I don’t believe God ever intended for us to live so distracted.

He desires for us to stay focused and less distracted.

I share two scriptures which offer us some insight and hope, one in Philippians and the other in Romans. And we learn where we can begin in this battle and how to stay focused and less distracted with a list of 9 ways we can partner with God.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 14-minute episode.

In closing, you and I don’t have to live so distracted, and frankly, God wants to free us of this burden. Let’s trust Him with this today, and do what we can do to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life. Thank you for being here. God bless you!

Encouragement for Real Life Podcast, Episode 57, 9 Ways to Stay Focused and Less Distracted
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