18. 7 Helpful Ways To Enjoy A Stress-Free Season

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Podcast

These weeks leading up to Christmas we are switching gears a bit as I offer a few Christmas-themed episodes, focusing on keeping Christmas simple and special this year. So, let’s take a few moments together today in the midst of the hustle and bustle to ponder some ways we can enjoy a stress-free season.

7 Helpful Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Season

So, friend, Is the stress rising? Can you feel it? Wow, Christmas 2021 is just 2-1/2 weeks away from the airing of this episode. In last week’s episode, episode 17, we discussed keeping Christmas simple this year, and why that matters, and ways to go about doing that. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I invite you to do so. It’s not necessary to listen to that one before this one, but it may help lay the foundation for what we’re discussing today.

So, how are we doing in this moment, right now?

Are you and I calm or are we stressed? Are we feeling free or frazzled? This is about the time in the Christmas season I begin to analyze how much I have yet to do before Christmas arrives, and I take an inventory of sorts. That making a list and checking it twice thing is real in my life these days? Is it for you, too?

We might have presents to purchase and wrap.

Maybe we still have decorating to do.

We might have meals to plan, groceries to buy, and goodies to bake.

Let alone the Christmas activities we plan to attend.

As my list grows, it’s not uncommon for it to grow fangs and turn into a beast I want to run from. Do you know what I’m talking about? You know, lists are good, but when they get monstrous, they paralyze me. Do they do that to you, too? And that’s when I wonder if making my list and checking it twice is a good thing. Sometimes my list stresses me out!

This is when I must return to what we discussed last week.

A simple, uncomplicated, unartificial, unfussy Christmas.

So, let’s take a big, deep breath here.

And choose to release the stress. To let it go. This season doesn’t have to be stressful. It doesn’t. We don’t have to give into the feelings or the temptations of letting the season and all we have to do (get to do) overwhelm us. You and I can be less stressed and can experience a stress-free season.

So, how do we experience a stress-free season? It sounds great, but can it be done? Because we can easily get caught up in the moment when we realize all that’s left to do on our lists, and we have little time to do it. Stress shows up when we find our plate is overflowing, and we can’t catch it all.

I believe we can experience a stress-free season and a stress-free Christmas.

In this episode I share seven helpful ways that encourage us and may give us ideas of how to enjoy a stress-free season these last 2-1/2 weeks. Click on the player at the top of this page to listen to the full 18-minute episode.

As always, I invite you to please rate and review this episode if you received encouragement so others can find it as well.

As the days countdown to Christmas, my desire is for us all to draw near to the One whose birth we will be celebrating in a matter of days. And I hope these Christmas-themed episodes are helping us do that. Thank you for tuning in today. God bless you in this season and always.

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7 Helpful Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Season
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