140. 3 Ways Studying Scripture Can Impact Your Life

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Podcast

Do you think studying scripture can impact your life? Not long ago I heard a young woman say she had really never studied scripture or the Bible before, but she wanted to. Her experience was that when she attempted to read her Bible, she couldn’t understand it, and that made her feel stupid.

3 Ways Studying Scripture Can Impact Your Life | woman standing next to window with an open Bible in her hands

I could relate to what she said. In fact, it took me back to the day I enrolled in a Bible study so many years ago. I didn’t own a Bible at the time, unless I counted the big white Bible that stayed in a box in my childhood home, tucked away for whatever reason. We weren’t ever taught to read it, and I’m not sure we were allowed to open that Bible for fear of us kids ruining it.

I thought I had no business going to a Bible study because I didn’t know the first thing about the Bible. It seemed to me like it was filled with words I couldn’t comprehend, and inside were rules and regulations I had to follow to be accepted by God. Little did I know how far off my thinking was back then. But because a dear friend prompted me to, I showed up at a church one Wednesday morning with my three year old and newly purchased Bible in tow, ready to see what this Bible study was all about.

That was 27 years ago in February.

Since then, I haven’t done it perfectly, but God has continued to teach me and grow me through studying scripture. I share details as to how and why in this episode.

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I share in detail 3 ways studying scripture can impact your life and mine. Here are the highlights:

1 – It equips us for life.

2 – It aligns our thoughts with God’s.

3 – It answers life questions with ultimate truth.

Studying scripture impacts our lives.

These three ways are just a start.

Speaking of ways to study scripture, next week our next online session of the Right Now Matters Bible Study begins. I released this 28-Day guided adventure to living as a Right-Now Woman in December. It’s the coordinating Bible Study for my book, Right Now Matters that released in October. But this study isn’t just some little pamphlet. It’s a full-sized book, written to equip us to go deeper with God to learn how to live the abundant lives Jesus came to give us, leaving our everyday distractions behind. It’s free to attend, and the link for registration and details are in the show notes.

I pray God encourages your heart through this episode today. Thanks for tuning in. God bless you!

Links in this episode:

2 Timothy 3:16-17 MSG
Encouragement for Real Life Community
Right Now Matters Bible Study registration and details
Proverbs 2:1-5 NCV
Access my Free Resource Library, full of helpful tools to remain encouraged and uplifted

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