17 Ways To Bless & Show Love To Your Children

by | Oct 27, 2014 | 31 Days Loving God Loving Others

It’s Day 27 (can you believe it??) of 31 Days Of Loving God & Loving Others.

We’ve discussed loving strangers, loving ourselves, loving our spouse, and today, we’re sharing ideas of how to bless and show love to our children. Or, if you have children in your life in another way, these can be adapted for your situation.
17 Ways to bless & show love to your children

17 Ways To Bless & Show Love To Your Children


1.    Spend one-on-one time with each child.

2.    Listen to your children. Really listen.

3.    Find out each one’s Love Language and do something special in that language.

4.    Bring home their favorite treat(s).

5.    Bless them with their favorite breakfast.

6.    Purchase a small gift for them and have them find it at the end of a scavenger hunt through your home.

7.    Tell them you love them every day. Morning and night. Even if they are grown and no longer live in your home.

8.    Go outside and play a game of soccer, or baseball, or football with them.

9.    Pick one thing you appreciate about them, and voice that to them before they leave for the day.

10.  Let them pick what’s for dinner one night each week.

11.  Cuddle with them on the couch.

12.  Write a love note to each child, and tuck it under their pillows so they can find it before going to bed, or mail it if your child no longer lives in your home.

13.  Surprise them with a trip to the ice cream shop.

14.  Go play in the park.

15.  Have a movie marathon and watch their favorite movies one afternoon together.

16.  Help them clean their rooms.

17.  Give them each a big hug every day.

We think our kids know we love them, but these fun and important ways make sure they know we do.

Raising kids who feel loved at home will be less likely to look for it elsewhere, and in the wrong places.

Which one will you do today? 

I’m going to write my two kids love notes.

Have a great day, spreading love!



All prior posts in this series can be found here. Photo Credit: Zach Lefebure

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  1. Beth S.

    I am grateful for how it’s never too late to show better love to your children and that even with adult children I can still do many of the things you listed. Blessings for a beautiful week, Julie. xoxo

    • Julie Lefebure

      Amen, Beth! I’m with you! I love this stage of my children’s ages, too. So many ways to show them love! Have a beautiful week too! Hugs!



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