When Our Love Falls Short

by | Oct 26, 2014 | 31 Days Loving God Loving Others

I did it again.

Will I ever get this loving others thing down?

I was selfish.

My words weren’t so kind.

And the look I gave was worse.

I didn’t love in the way I wanted to be loved.

Sometimes I try so hard, yet I still fail.

I wish I could love like Jesus loved. Like He still loves me today… Unconditional. Perfect. Holy. Complete. Full of compassion. Forgiving. I find so many of His examples in God’s Word to follow.

Yet, my love is tainted with sin, incompleteness, imperfectness, is selfish and far from holy.

When our love falls short

What do we do when our love falls short?

When we try so hard, yet our love isn’t what we want it to be? When it seems impossible to “love your neighbor as yourself.” When we want to give up and never try again. We’ve failed too many times.

Friend, we are learning in this loving others thing. We aren’t perfect, and neither will be our love. Give ourselves some grace to try again. To ask for forgiveness from our Creator and from the one we didn’t love so well. To learn what we can from our mistakes and move on in love.

And pray. We can pray. We can’t love like Jesus on our own, but we can with His equipping and His influence.

PrayWill you pray with me?

Father God,

You are perfect, majestic and holy. Your ways are so far above my ways, and your love is so far above my love.

Thank you for loving me, even when I don’t deserve it. Thank you for never giving up on me.

Father, You know the desires of my heart. You know me inside and out. I desire to love like Jesus loves. I desire to love others the way You want me to. But I continue to fail in my own attempts to do so. I can’t do this on my own.

So, today, I humbly come to you, asking for help. Father, help me to see others through your eyes. Jesus, help me to love others with Your unconditional love, Your grace, and Your compassion. Help me to live a life of love today. 

May it all be done for Your glory.

I pray these things, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

May we not just pray these words today, but start every day in prayer, asking for God’s help in loving others.

I pray God blesses you richly, as you love others through Him today!



Today is Day 26 of 31 Days Of Loving God & Loving Others. It’s a joy to journey with you!
31 Days Loving God Loving Others

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  1. Beth S.

    Perfect timing as I sitting down to write on how I fell short in loving my husband well this morning and instead was selfish. I humbled myself before him again to apologize for my selfishness. Thankful for God’s grace and for my husband’s patience. Much love. xoxo

    • Julie Lefebure

      I’m thankful for God’s grace, too, Beth! Thank you for sharing this. I’m glad we can encourage each other through the times we fall short. And I’m thankful God doesn’t leave us in them either. Have a blessed week, beautiful friend!



  1. 31 Days of Loving God & Loving Others - Julie Lefebure - […] Day 26: When Our Love Falls Short […]

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