13 Years Ago

by | Aug 7, 2012 | family, grieving, memories

I love my dad.

There was never another man like my dad, nor will there ever be.

Thirteen years ago today, my dad passed away. Up until that point, I had never experienced such a heart-wrenching day in my life. My life changed in the hospital that evening, as we were with Dad in his last few hours. I wrote about it in a post in 2010 in the link below.


I remember so many wonderful things about Dad.

I remember how hard he worked to provide for our family. He owned his own mechanic garage in our hometown. I understand he never charged enough for the work he did. He was his only employee, besides my brothers maybe helping him every now and then. He would come home exhausted each day after a tough, physically taxing day. I remember how he would sit down after his long day at our kitchen table and have a beer. Only one, and rarely did he have two.

I remember how he would close his garage early to make it to my sports activities…whether it was track, softball, basketball or volleyball. He and mom would be some of the few parents in the stands cheering their daughter on. How special they made me feel by being there each and every time. I’m not sure they ever missed even one.

I can remember how he would make sure we as a family would try to take a trip somewhere almost each summer. Looking back, I have no idea how he made that happen. Closing down his garage for a week, and where did the money come from for these trips? But his family was important to him and he always enjoyed getting away together.

I am reminded of how I used to crawl up on Dad’s lap. If there was ever something bothering me, sitting on Dad’s lap seemed to make it all better. I remember the day I was too big for his lap and I sat there anyway. He loved me and my brothers. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t tell him that I loved him too.

Dad loved the Cubs. I remember the game I went to with him and mom. How fun that was!

Dad loved country music…classic country music. We would go to the “Battle of the Bands” during a local fair to hear different bands…maybe they were bluegrass bands…I can’t recall. My brother Pat and I would have to sit and not complain during those type of trips. Dad and Mom would be enjoying it so much, and yet it was torture for us at a young age. We laugh about it now, and recall some pretty good memories of those times. What I wouldn’t give to go to those kinds of things with Dad now.

Dad also loved camping. We would camp often when me and my siblings were young. All six of us in a camper for the weekend. I had no concept of time back then. We just had so much fun together. No iPods, no t.v.’s, no video games, no portable dvd players. Just our imaginations, toys, a swimming pool, and time spent together while we camped. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of us camping.

Dad loved to take Sunday drives. It wouldn’t matter to where. As I kid, I dreaded them. But he and mom enjoyed them. We were taught to never complain. And again, what I wouldn’t give to go on a Sunday drive with them now.

And Dad loved his grandchildren. He only knew four of them while on this earth. But he loved them and he loved spending time with them. How I remember how he would look at Ali and Zach…with such love and care. I can only imagine how proud of his grandchildren he would be today!

I miss Dad so much. There are times my brothers say and do things that remind me of him. He was a wonderful man and a terrific dad. I look forward to the day I am reunited with him in my heavenly home. What a glorious reunion that will be!!

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