23. 10 Simple Ways To Remain Joyful This Winter

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Podcast

Of all the people I know, I can only think of two whose favorite season is winter. Two people. Because the majority of us would rather skip over winter all together, right? We’d rather transition from the vibrant colors of fall, straight into the blooming season of spring. Am I right? But maybe, just maybe, God has a plan for us during winter. Maybe His plan is to use the season of winter to prepare us for the seasons of life ahead. So, let’s pause a moment today through this episode to take another look at winter with fresh eyes and find some encouragement along the way of how to remain joyful this season of winter.

10 Simple Ways to Remain Joyful This Winter

Winter is not my favorite.

In fact, I could do without the season all together. Don’t get me wrong, however. Winter can be beautiful here in Iowa. Especially with that very first snowfall. The first snowfall is always exciting. But by the time February rolls around, we (or I) can get quite tired of maneuvering through all the snow. It’s at that point my sights become set on March and the promise of spring, just around the corner.

No matter how the photos depict it, winter in the Midwest isn’t always picturesque landscapes of freshly fallen, glistening snow. It can be, but most often it’s not. It’s not always filled with hushed silence and peaceful sounds of snow cascading to the ground. It can be, but that’s a bit rare around here. Midwestern winters can be brutal and living in rural Iowa I question why I live here each winter.

I love living here so much that I tolerate the harsh Iowa winters.

Again, we live where some would call in the middle of nowhere. In a wide-open space where we can see for miles. That’s great to capture sunrises and sunsets. But not so great when it comes to winter. Because when the wind blows, it feels like it’s blowing through the entire house some days. When you step outside and the cold and wind hurts your face, you wonder if it might just freeze in place that way. We exist in parkas and scarves, gloves and snow boots for months. Our fleece blankets, crackling fires in the fireplace, and warm winter drinks are some of our best evening friends during this season.

What about you?

What does winter look like for you?

Maybe you live in a warmer climate than Iowa. Not gonna lie, I envy you a bit. Or maybe winter is mild where you are. Do you enjoy the winter months and all they have to offer? Or are you a little like me and you hope for a short winter so you can get on with enjoying the other three seasons of the year?

But does winter have to be something we tolerate? Could it be something we can learn to appreciate instead? Not only the season of winter, but what about those winter seasons in our lives as well?

I believe winter can be more than a season we just put up with, and I believe we can remain joyful through it. I share why throughout this episode.

Click on the player above to listen to the full episode.

I also share 10 simple ways to remain joyful this winter.

We can remain joyful. May God bless you and keep you in this season! Thanks for being here.

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10 Simple Ways to Remain Joyful This Winter
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