38. 10 Simple Ways To Be A Light In This World

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Podcast

Be a light. What does that even mean? Well, today we pause to reflect on what it means to be a light in this world, why we would be interested in being a light, and how we go about doing that. Because you’ve likely heard the term, “be a light.” Am I right? So, let’s dig into this a little deeper today and find some real-life hope and encouragement along the way.

I say it’s a great day to be a light in this world!

10 Simple Ways to Be a Light in This World

How can you and I each be a light in this world?

We can, and we’re called to do so. I appreciate the idea and the reality of being a light. I speak and write about it, maybe more than any other subject. Maybe that’s because in doing so, I’m reminding myself to be a light in this dark world. To shine bright even when I don’t feel like it. To be a light, even when it feels uncomfortable and awkward. And to shine God’s light wherever He has me. It’s even referenced in my, I guess you could call it, “mission statement”: “I help women live encouraged in their real lives so they can shine bright and make a difference in this world.”

Because God calls us to shine brightly.

So, what does it mean to be a light in this world?

How does one go about being a light? Because I don’t know about you, but I know full well some days I’m not so bright (physically, mentally, and emotionally.) Some days I wonder if there’s any light at all in this dark world. And, to top it off, going through what we’ve gone through the past two years have made it feel even darker at times.

Well, I believe God has placed a light within each one of us, and I share some supporting Bible verses that help point us in the right direction. Because His light shines through you and me. Not just for our benefit, but for more than we can begin to imagine.

I also share 10 simple ways to be a light in this world. They may not be what you think!

Click on the player above to listen to this week’s 17-minute episode.

May this episode encourage you and me to shine bright today!

Thank you for being a light in my world, friend. I appreciate you, your comments, your reviews, your presence here, and your love. Continue to shine bright right where God has you. You are making a difference for Him! God bless you!

Links in this episode:

1 John 1:5 VOICE
Ephesians 5:8 TPT
Matthew 5:14-16 VOICE
Psalm 119:105 NIRV
Proverbs 13:9 NLT
Episode 29, Are You the Most Positive Person You Know?
Encouragement for Real Life Community on Facebook
Free Resources to be a light and encourage your heart
BYOB And B event, Our Thoughts, on May 2

10 Simple Ways to Be a Light in This World
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