We’re Called To Help These Dear Ones

by | Feb 22, 2015 | Sunday Truth

I miss my homeless friends.

Julie Lefebure Sunday TruthThat’s not something you read every day, is it?

For five years, my days were filled with incredible and special moments with those on the streets. With the poor, the needy, the hurting. Those who were addicted, who were “outcasts” to most, and who were widows and orphans.

Most just yearned for someone to believe in them.

My heart opened up to those dear ones, and the love I felt for each one was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I saw so much of myself in and through those friends, and I experienced the love of Jesus in each conversation and in each experience.

My life hasn’t been the same since.

I drove through that part of town recently, and I saw familiar faces, in the same places they were a year ago. I watched them shivering in the cold. I imagined the tents and the abandoned homes they slept in the night prior.

That about breaks my heart right there.

I wondered if they would eat that day. I wished I had with me a thermos full of hot coffee or hot chocolate to give them to warm up on the inside. I wanted to pick up each one in my vehicle and take them all home with me. But rationally, that would be impossible.

So I prayed.

I prayed for each one I could remember by name. I asked God to bless them. To keep them warm. To help them find Him, and His life-saving truth. Some were so close to coming to a saving faith when my time there ended over a year ago. I pray those seeds have rooted, and have blossomed into a beautiful faith.

Face after face appeared in my mind as I drove. Tears formed when one particular face flashed through. Oh, how I especially missed him.

“Lord, you know my heart, and you know it aches for them. Take care of these dear ones.”

But you know, we’re all called to help these “dear ones.” Look at Isaiah 1:17, The Message:

Isaiah 1 17

Learn to do good.

Work for justice.

Help the down-and-out.

Stand up for the homeless.

Go to bat for the defenseless.

They are in our communities. Homelessness isn’t only in the big cities. The poor, homeless, defenseless are everywhere. They are people, just like you and me. They have a need for love, acceptance and grace, just like you and me. Do we see them? Do we want to?

I have a feeling God hasn’t closed that door for me yet. If He had, I wouldn’t still yearn to be with these dear ones.

Will you pray with me?

Heavenly Father, thank You for Who You are. Thank you for how You love us each the same. We think of those who are hurting, who are poor, homeless, defenseless, and needy today. Lord, in Your grace and mercy, would You open our eyes to see them? Open our ears to hear them? Open our hearts to have compassion on them? Show us how we can help those who need our help. Father, may they experience Your love through us today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.




It’s a blessing to share today’s #SundayTruth of Isaiah 1:17 with you, and to link up with friends at The Weekend Brew. It’s a beautiful place to hang out for awhile and be uplifted.

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  1. Sabra Penley

    Thank you for this message, Julie. It is one I need to hear. Praying God will take care of all His children–and that He would change my self-centered heart to love them, take time to get to know them, and help them find their home in Him. Praising God for the love you have for these who are hurting and for encouraging us to do the same!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thanks, Sabra. I used to judge the homeless and needy until God grabbed hold of my heart and transformed it. I appreciate your heart, dear friend. Yes, may they find their home in Jesus! Bless you!

  2. Mary Geisen

    This is such a timely message for all of us. As winter cold overtakes most of the USA, we need to be mindful of the homeless and we need to keep our eyes open in our own neighborhood and what might be present there. I love your heart for the homeless and appreciate you bringing it to our attention today. Blessed you linked up with The Weekend Brew.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Mary! Yes, the homeless and needy are near and dear to my heart. God has them too. Thank you for The Weekend Brew, friend!

  3. Lisa Brittain

    Julie, You are right…these dear ones are everywhere. They are in the grocery line and at the gas station, in our schools, and living next door. Thank you for the reminder to open my eyes and ears and pay attention….like Jesus did.
    I pray with you, after a little rest, God will renew your call to these dear ones. =)
    Blessings of GREAT JOY on your amazing journey!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Oh, Lisa. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your words of encouragement here. They bless me so. Yes, these dear ones are everywhere. I hope to be back with them someday soon. May we love them like Jesus did. So glad you stopped in today. Bless you!


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