Welcome Spring!

by | Mar 21, 2010 | God, spring

Yesterday was the offical first day of spring…however, it certainly didn’t look like it!  I woke up to snow covering the ground!

As I was still trying to take it easy yesterday after my episode on Thursday, I still needed to get out and do a couple things, plus pick Ali and Zach up from their friends’ homes where they spent the night before.  On my way to one of my stops, I was driving past a county park, and I was drawn to pull in.  I drove slowly through the park, and what I saw was so beautiful!  Even though is was the first day of spring, the snow-covered landscape was gorgeous!  I snapped some pictures (I always have my camera with me) to try to capture the beauty. 

As I glanced outside before going to bed last night, I could see that the snow had almost melted completely.  I’m sure after a few hours today, there will be no trace of snow left.  Even though it was beautiful to see yesterday, I’m hoping this was our last snowfall of the year, especially since it’s officially now spring!
God, I’m ready!  Bring on the flowers, the budding trees, the green grass, and more of the beautiful sights of my favorite season! Thank you for blessing us with the season of spring and Your wonderful Creation! 🙂
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  1. Sarah

    Hi Julie!

    I agree with you that the snow was very pretty the other day… but I am also very happy it disappeared to make way for SPRING! 🙂


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