Weekend of Volleyball, Soccer and Football

by | Sep 14, 2009 | This Lefe Family

We spent the majority of our weekend involved in sports…Ali had a volleyball tournament Saturday, Zach had a soccer game yesterday, and my nephew Patrick had football game yesterday. We really enjoyed the weekend, even though we were on the go a lot! 🙂

As always, my camera went with me and I took LOTS of pictures! I couldn’t be more proud of Ali, Zach and Patrick…and all my nieces and nephews for that matter! But all three of them played well this weekend and it was fun to cheer each of them on. Enjoy the pics! 🙂

Ali (#20) blocking

Ali setting

Ali blocking again

Ali digging
Ali hitting and getting an ace! Whoo hoo!

Zach playing defense

Zach again playing defense

Heading down field
Zach battled this boy a lot during the game…and even told him to “watch his language” 🙂
Zach steals the ball and this same boy gets knocked down.
Don’t mess with the Z! 🙂

Patrick with his ING waterbottle

Patrick is in or near this pile somewhere!

Patrick and Coach Pat on the sideline

Pat encourages another player on the sideline

Patto (Patrick) and Aunt Julie after the game 🙂

Bennett (Benny) shows off his name written in cursive!

The boys–Zach, Patrick and Bennett
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