We Are Just Clay

by | Apr 7, 2014 | Ramblings

How was your Monday? I hope you found joy among the activities of your day.

My day started with so much on my plate. I turned off my alarm at 6am, and fell back asleep for 23 minutes. I bounded out of bed when I woke up the second time. It wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to start my day, but it was still okay. I realized I’d have to push my workout to later in the day if I wanted to read my devotions and pray. I chose to do just that, as I so desperately needed some encouragement from God’s Word this morning.

And I received what I needed.

Almost like an instant rejuvenation for my parched soul.

The first sentence grabbed me,

“I am the Potter; you are My clay.”

I found such comfort in reading those words.

potter clay scripture edited

I’m not the Potter. I’m not the One at the pottery wheel. I’m just the clay. In the hands of the Potter. Ready to be molded into the creation He chooses. Ready to turn into something beautiful for His use.

My role as the clay is to allow the Potter to do the shaping, the molding, the smoothing out. And from experience, I know that doesn’t always feel the best. When God smooths out my rough spots, that can be a bit painful! But after He does it, I’m a much more pleasant person to be around, as my jagged edges that could potentially hurt someone are gone. (Smile.)

The more I think about it, really… the clay has nothing to say about what the Potter forms the clay into. The clay is at the mercy of the Potter’s hands. So… who am I to tell the Potter I want to be a popcorn bowl if He plans on molding me into a flower vase?

In my younger days, I used to struggle with that more than I do now. I’ve had many pottery wheel experiences with the Potter, that I’m now looking forward to what He’s molding this lump of clay into. Since He knows me better than I know myself, He’s got the best plans ahead for me. I certainly don’t have a clue.

So as He’s molding me, I’ll patiently wait. Will I be that popcorn bowl? Or a vase? Or a coffee cup? (I like the coffee cup thought.) Or something else? No matter what shape He makes me into, I’ll be His beautiful creation ready for His use.

And so will you. (Smile.) Happy Monday!


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  1. Sabra Penley

    I have always loved this passage and the thought of God molding me with His hands into the vessel of His design. I pray that I remain pliable as He shapes me. Thanks, Julie.

    • Julie

      I pray that too, Sabra. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope your week is going well!


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