When We’re Waiting For The Rain To Pass

by | May 26, 2017 | #live2017

This morning I’m waiting for the rain to pass.

On my schedule today are errands. Lots of them. And, a few of them require me to be outside. But, it’s raining. Not a downpour, but a steady pace of droplets from the sky. It’s not my first choice to get soaked today. My first choice is to stay dry.

But, it’s been raining now for two hours. Every now and then I glance out the window and I peek at the local weather radar on my phone where I watch the big yellow blob of rain move ever so slowly eastward.

I’m waiting for the rain to pass.

You know? Many of us might be in this waiting together. I venture to guess some of us are looking out though the windows of life and there’s been a steady stream of rain for some time now. It feels like it’s been raining forever, or for at least a very long time. It hasn’t let up.

Are you waiting for the rain to pass?

We want to live life to the fullest, to complete what’s on our schedule for the day, to be brave and bold and to believe the rain will stop soon.

We’re waiting for the clouds to part and the sunny skies to reappear. It would sure be nice to hear the birds singing again and to feel the sun’s warmth on our skin.

In the meantime, we stay where it’s safe so we don’t get caught in the downpour.

Your rain may be different than mine. Maybe it’s a daunting situation, or a debilitating fear. Maybe it’s a health concern or overwhelming grief. Or, maybe it’s something entirely different, and it’s just easier to stay inside and to avoid getting wet.

Yes, even though I’m waiting for the literal rain to pass today, I also find myself waiting where it’s safe instead of stepping out of my comfort zone. That’s my figurative rain. That’s what’s under the surface that no one else sees.

What would happen if you and I stepped out into the rain today?

What if we ventured out in it? Could today be the day we say, “Enough,” and we quit playing it safe?

Yes, we might get a little wet, and yes, we might feel uncomfortable. But, I also believe God will meet us as we move. We might just find something we never could have experienced while staying where it’s safe.

“Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.” Joshua 1:9 MSG

So, we can stop waiting for the rain to pass, and let’s the next step forward. Maybe the rain isn’t isn’t so bad after all.

I’m grabbing my raincoat, my umbrella, and my courage, and I’m heading out the door.

Join me, won’t you?




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  1. templecustodian

    Thanks for this post, Julie. It was raining outside where I live today, but I ventured out without rain-boots and umbrella (mine broke during the last storm) sort of mindlessly running an errand because I think I was hoping that I could avoid the tears that have showing up every couple of hours since April 24 when my youngest son, 37, was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s.

    I even tried writing a post for my own blog but couldn’t do it just yet. Thanks for the opportunity to be real here.

    • Julie Lefebure

      I’m sorry to read of your son’s diagnosis, and I wish I could offer you a shoulder, a hug, or my ear to listen. I am praying today for God to encourage your heart and to comfort you and give you His peace. We can’t begin to understand why these kinds of things happen, but we can trust God understands. I’m glad you could be real here. We all need space where we can be real. I’m blessed you stopped over and shared your words and your heart. If I can pray specifically, please don’t hesitate to let me know how. Sending you a long distance hug today.

  2. readywriterbr

    Interesting post on waiting – the same subject of my article, but a totally different approach. To wait because of difficult circumstances – your rainy day – would keep me from accomplishing anything in my life. I live daily with the pain and limitations of chronic illness, which would make a good excuse for putting off what God is calling me to accompish. But my decision is not to allow this to happen. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Julie Lefebure

      I’m so sorry to read of the chronic illness in which you live with daily. Praying for you this very moment, and will continue to do so. What a blessing it is to have you here and to read your words. May God spur you on to accomplish what He has for you to do. I’ll stop over to visit your space soon. Again, thank you for your words. Bless you!


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