There’s No Place Like Home

by | Jul 4, 2011 | family

road sky (2)I became very sad this afternoon…sad as our vacation was coming to a close.  We had such a wonderful ten days together…the memories I will cherish forever.  I cannot believe how fast these ten days came and went!

As we drove from Indiana, through Illinois, and crossed into Iowa, my thoughts drifted to all we experienced on our trip.  We asked Ali and Zach what their favorite parts of our trip was…tubing, the Cardinals’ game, movies, mini golf, Lucas Oil Staduim, swimming, shopping were all mentioned. 🙂  I have some great pictures that have captured our memories.  I will load some onto my blog this week.

As we turned on to our road this afternoon, and our home was in sight, my heart was calmed.

There truly is no place like home. 

Zach and I walked for a little while on that road tonight, and as we started in one direction, we saw a skunk scurry out of our ditch into the cornfield.  (The corn grew at least a foot while we were away.)

We turned around and went the other direction.  Zach had his new slingshot with him, which he purchased on our trip.  He loved “shooting” the gravel rocks farther up the road.  I captured the beautiful sunset with my camera on my phone.

There truly is no place like home!

I’m very thankful to be home, even though I didn’t want our vacation to end.  I’m thankful that God blessed us in so many ways.  (I will share more of those stories later.)  I’m thankful He protected us.  I’m thankful we were able to take our vacation in the first place!  I’m thankful for my family!

I’m thankful for home!

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