It’s coming at me from what feels like everywhere.

Be still.

It was today’s verse of the day on my YouVersion app.

It was the scripture in my devotional reading this morning.

It’s was the basis of a friend’s Instagram photo.

It’s a plaque in my office, and it’s written on my heart.

Be still.

Psalm 46 10 Be still

That isn’t so easy for this girl who likes to get things done, to cross things off the list, to fix what needs fixing, to right was is wrong, and to feel accomplished in my day. To do, to go, to make a way.

My friend Katie Reid hits the nail on the head when she refers to girls like us as “tightly wound women.” I think I could be her poster child.

It’s hard to fix our eyes on God, when we’re too busy fixing the world.

(Are we really called to fix the world anyway?? Isn’t that God’s job??)

This battle within between doing and being still ebbs and flows in my life. There are times I do well balancing both, but it’s becoming clear today, this isn’t one of those times. I must need the reminder to set aside the doing, to settle in the being.

Settle in the being

Could you use this reminder today, too?

Yes, we each have responsibilities, commitments, deadlines, and such. Most of us can’t just be still all day long. But I believe we can find snippets of time throughout our day to pause. To stop. To be still. To breathe. To rest. And to turn our ears and hearts away from the world, and set them facing God.

To be still and know He is God.

To rest in His sovereignty. To trust Him no matter what you’re going through. To rely on His strength and not your own. To just be in His presence, and to refill your parched soul. To quiet your heart and to listen to what God is speaking to you.

There’s nothing like it.

He will be honored by every nation and throughout the world, but is He honored in our hearts??

I invite you to join me. Be still today. In whatever pieces of time you can carve out.

God will meet us in the stillness. May He bless you, especially today.

Much love,

It’s a joy to link up with Suzie and friends for #livefreeThursday. It’s a great day to live free, don’t you think??

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