The Perfect At-Home Summer Pedicure

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This is such great treat for your feet, I’m stealing it from my Live Laugh Linger blog. Why not pamper your tootsies this weekend with this easy, at-home pedicure?! Enjoy!

The perfect at home summer pedicure!

Take a moment to glance down at your feet.

Summer is a perfect time to show off those tootsies! However, dry, dead skin and cracked heels aren’t so wonderful to show, are they?

If your feet are screaming that it’s time for a fresh pedicure, but you don’t care to pay the price or don’t like having someone else touch your feet, here’s a great at-home pedicure recipe!

It softens your skin and removes the dead, dry stuff. It also helps remove any yellowish stains on toenails from past nail polish.

And what I like the most?? It makes your feet feel “tingly” afterwards!

A perfect summer at-home pedicure!

At-Home Pedicure Recipe

What you’ll need:

  •  Basin or bowl
  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • 2 cups original Listerine or a generic brand (It’s an amber color. I’ve used the citrus one too. Stay away from purple or blue, as it can stain your skin and nails.)
  • 1/2 cup warm water (I like my water hot.)
  • Nail polish remover if needed
  • Towel
  • Pumice stone or brush
  • Nail polish, base coat, top coat, foot lotion (optional)


  • Remove any nail polish.
  • Pour and mix vinegar, Listerine and water into a basin or bowl.
  • Let your feet soak in solution for 15-20 minutes only. Relax.
  • Towel dry feet well. You’ll notice the dead skin coming off easily.
  • Use a pumice stone or scrub with towel on the rough spots.


  • Apply a base coat to toenails.
  • Apply color.
  • Apply top coat.
  • Apply lotion.

A perfect summer pedicure!



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  1. Beth (@SimplyBeth3)

    Interesting. I might have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing, Julie. I hope you are having a blessed weekend.

    • Julie

      It’s wonderful, Beth. Let me know if you try it. Have a blessed day!


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