The Gift of Cousins

by | Jan 21, 2010 | This Lefe Family

Late yesterday afternoon, Zach and I were talking about making Rice Krispie Treats.  He asked if I could make Tina’s recipe…melted butterscotch chips and peanut butter mixed in with the Rice Krispies and melted chocolate chips on top.  I had all the ingredients, so…why not?  (They are my favorite!) 
As I was making the treats, I put one of the casseroles I made on Monday for last night’s meal into the oven.  It was a new recipe I made up, and will share it in a post sometime soon.  Ali came in to the kitchen and asked if her cousins Matt and Adam could come over.  They live just down the road from us.  Of course they could come over.  I told her if they wanted to come for dinner, they would be welcome to–we would have plenty to eat.
Within just a few minutes, Matt and Adam were here.  I have to say, these boys are so fun…and so polite! When they come over, all four kids get along so well! Matt is a senior in high school and Adam is an 8th grader.
We sat down to dinner, and I’m glad I put the second casserole in the oven (the recipe I came up with made two pans).  All four kids gobbled up their dinner until they were stuffed, they decided to wait on dessert until later, and went downstairs to “hang out” together.  At one point I went downstairs and Zach and Adam were throwing a small football back and forth, on their knees in the hallway.  Matt and Ali were on the computer watching truck YouTube videos and downloading songs from iTunes. 
As I was finishing up some laundry an hour or so later, they all came upstairs for their dessert.  Soon, half of the pan was devoured. 🙂  They headed back down stairs.
Soon after, I heard all sorts of commotion from our family room downstairs…laughter, loud talking, and even some yelling at the t.v.!  I could tell they were all playing a game on the Wii.  I caught myself smiling at what I was hearing.  They played until about 9:20, when Matt and Adam decided it was time to go home. 
I always enjoying having family over to our home.  But I really cherish it when any of Ali and Zach’s cousins are here.  Growing up, I never really had close cousins…close in age or close in relationship.  I have a cousin my age, but he never lived close to me to build a solid relationship.  I have cousins that lived a little closer to me, but they were older, and we really didn’t have much in common.  So, I look at Ali and Zach and think how fortunate they are to have so many cousins, close in age and close in relationship…on my side of our family and on Bill’s side!  What a blessing and what a gift!

As these kids grow up, they will have so many fond memories of the times they spent together.  I am so very thankful that they will!  And I look forward to being a part of it all, and being able to build relationships with my nieces and nephews!  I thank God for this privilege! 

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