The Easter Story

by | Apr 2, 2010 | Faith

Each year in BSF, we are given a wonderful tool of how to teach our children about Easter. It’s a page from their Home Training Lessons.  It has always been a great help to me as a parent.  But actually, this can be a great help to all of us to understand the Easter story and the significance of this day…whether we have children or not.  I encourage you to read through the scriptures passages below…for yourself and/or with your children.  As a suggestion, you could read a couple of them today, two tomorrow, and end with the last one on Sunday.  Or do the whole thing on Sunday.  (If you don’t have a Bible, you can log onto and type in the selected passages in the “search” area.  I use the New International Version.)  Bill, Ali, Zach and I will again be reading this together this weekend.  It truly helps us keep our focus on what Easter is really all about.

Enjoy learning and/or teaching the Easter story!

I.  Read Mark 14:32-50  The Arrest in the Garden
1) Jesus knew what was going to happen, but He did not run away or hide.
2) Jesus wanted to do what God, His Father, wanted Him to do.

II. Read Mark 14:53-15:15  The Trial
1) Jesus had done nothing wrong.
2) God was in complete control. It was God’s plan for Jesus to die.

III. Read Mark 15:16-32  The Crucifixion
1) Jesus could have come down off the cross, but He did not. He knew God wanted Him to be there, and He obeyed God.
2) Jesus suffered for our sins. The soldiers hurt Jesus.

IV. Read Mark 15:33-47  Jesus’ Death and Burial
1) Jesus died on the cross. He died because He loves us and wants us to go to heaven.
2) Only people who love and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will go to heaven.
3) Jesus’ friends took His dead body and laid it in a tomb.

V. Read Matthew 28:1-10  The Resurrection
1) God made Jesus come alive again.
2) Because Jesus came alive, all people who believe in Him will live forever with Him.
3) Many people saw Jesus and talked to Him after His resurrection.

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