The Aspirin Didn’t Work Today

by | Feb 8, 2012 | health, me

The aspirin didn’t work today…

but maybe that was because after I took it, I realized it expired in 2007.  Darn.

Honestly, I felt crummy all day.  Lightheaded, stuffed up, achey, couldn’t focus.

Thankfully, I made it through the day.  God gave me grace and filled me with His love, despite how I felt.  I wasn’t patient.  I wasn’t very understanding.  I was quiet and kept to myself.  Once people knew I didn’t feel well at the Mission, they kind of left me alone.  Today, I was ok with that.  I told many I loved them, but I didn’t want to hug them because I was sick.  I think they welcomed the fact that I didn’t hug them…they didn’t want what I have.

I’m headed off to bed in a matter of minutes.  That sounds heavenly to me at the moment…my warm and comfy bed.  I pray God heals this body of mine and helps me wake up feeling much better in the morning!

I pray you are healthy tonight!  Remember the aspirin trick!  (I’m going to purchase a fresh bottle tomorrow!)


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