I Learned Something New Today

by | Feb 7, 2012 | health, me

Today I learned something new!

I woke up feeling congested for the second day in a row.  I did my sinus rinse, which always helps.  I got myself together, took the kids to school, ran an errand, and arrived at our BSF Leader’s Meeting. 

Somehow while we were setting up, the subject of me coming down with a cold came up.  One of my BSF friends suggested a nurse friend of ours always suggests taking an aspirin at the first sign of a cold.  She said it helps to boost your immune system.  I had never heard that before…ever!

Another one of my BSF friends looked and had an aspirin.  I took it…surprisingly in a couple hours I was feeling noticably better!  She said if I wake up feeling the same tomorrow, I should take another one. 


I’m pleasantly surprised about learning this new remedy!  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow morning! 🙂

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