Thankful for Thanksgiving

by | Nov 13, 2012 | fall, thankfulness

First two Christmas gifts are purchased.

Our Family Christmas gatherings are set and beginning to be planned.

Our Christmas cards arrived from Shutterfly the other day. I uploaded a copy of it on my blog last week. I will begin addressing them soon…all 150 of them. 🙂

Even though I’m doing these things, I’m certainly not forgetting Thanksgiving. Actually, Thanksgiving is such a special holiday to me. I have very fond memories of Thanksgiving as a child growing up. We almost always had company for Thanksgiving dinner. My aunt and I would often sneak out after dinner for a walk around town–to avoid doing dishes, of course. It was a time with her that I enjoyed!

In 2001 Mom was staying with us over Thanksgiving, so we had dinner at our home. Mom was recovering from her stroke. I remember how special it felt to have Mom here, and how even more special it was to be able to tuck her into bed…after all the years she tucked me into bed. 🙂

She stayed here over Thanksgiving 2006 also. It was the last time she was ever at our home. She was staying at a local care facility at the time, recovering from the cardiac arrest she had in June that year. She was to have a procedure done the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. She aspirated during that procedure, and never full recovered. The Lord took her home a few weeks later.

Ever since then, we have celebrated Thanksgiving in a different way and have changed how we do things in preparing for Christmas. It’s been enjoyable for our family to combine both Thanksgiving weekend…we have a whole lot of fun doing it too!

With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, I’m looking forward to spending some dedicated time in prayer and thanksgiving for all God has blessed me and my family with, and I’m looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving dinner too!

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