Thankful Before Gametime

by | Sep 7, 2013 | This Lefe Family

Forty-five minutes until Zach’s next soccer game. It’s a beautiful day. And I’m thankful I get to be here.

Bill is making some strides in healing from his accident. Two weeks ago right now he was lying in a hospital bed. I’m again thankful today that God protected him out there on that road. We visited the crash site this week. It about made me throw up as I stood there on the very spot Bill landed after being thrown off his bicycle. I’ll make another post about that later.

But back to today, I’m thankful I get to watch my son do what he loves to do… play soccer. I get to see Zach in his element, and get to be his proud soccer mom. And I’ll probably catch myself smiling and beaming as I sit in my chair on the sidelines.

And a bonus…Bill is able to come to today’s game and we get to spend the day together.

So thankful for so much. I’m relearning to count my blessings through all of the things we’ve been going through. Today is one of those blessings!

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