Taking Care Of Ourselves Is A Must In Living Real

by | Oct 25, 2017 | 31 Days Of Living A Real Life

When was the last time you did something for you? What have you done to take care of yourself lately?

The world pulls at us. Stresses of everyday life overwhelm us. We go to bed tired and many of us wake the next morning just as weary. The hamster wheel continues to spin faster and faster. So fast we can’t jump off. So, we keep going, thinking one of these days it’s going to slow down.

Today’s a good day to find a way off the hamster wheel.

You’re giving of yourself to others, to your work, to your studies, to your family every single day. We give, and give, and give. At some point, if we don’t take time to fill ourselves back up, our giving runs dry. And, when that happens, we’re in a world of trouble. It’s hard to bounce back when we’re empty.

It’s tough living real when we’re empty.

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve learned this the hard way. Or, it’s possible you’ve learned this by watching another run until empty. God didn’t design us to run 24/7. He didn’t design us to do it all. So, what makes us think we should?

When our eyes glance from our Creator onto the world’s way of doing things, it’s easy to get caught up in running with everyone else.

Today’s a good day to slow down. It’s good day to do something just for you.

To fill yourself back up. To do something you enjoy. Maybe to rest, to laugh, to take yourself out to coffee. Or how about a long walk to clear your mind? A bubble bath to soothe your soul and your sore muscles? Or maybe going to dinner with a friend because you need the connection with someone who understands? Friend, I understand. (I wish we could do dinner!)

Yes, today’s a perfect day to do something just for you.

Taking care of ourselves is a must in living real.

Taking care of ourselves is a must in living real.

It’s a vital part of living a real life. You’re not being selfish in doing so, and there’s no need to feel guilty. If we want to remain healthy and vibrant and continue living real, taking care of ourselves is a must.

Friend, what can you do today (or tomorrow) to take care of you? Who in your life could use this reminder? Who is that person who would benefit from a break? That one who needs to jump off the hamster wheel to catch a breath? Nudge him or her to pause, to breathe, to slow down. Maybe that person is you. Please, please, give yourself permission to take care of yourself by doing something just for you. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Tonight, before bed I’m going to relax and read and unwind. And, maybe curl up with my favorite blanket. I’d love to read how you’re taking care of yourself today!

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Here we are on Day 25 of 31 Days of Living a Real Life. So glad you’re here! Click here if you’d like to read the previous posts in this series.

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  1. Cindy Wilkins

    Just finished watching a Hallmark movie. Does the trick every time! Oh and the Oreos and milk didn’t hurt either!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Yes! Great ways to take care of yourself, Cindy! Love them all! Great job!

  2. Laurie Neuhaus

    Thanks for your words of wisdom! Need to give it a try! Also congratulations – so happy to hear about Alissa’s engagement. Lots to look forward to!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Laurie! Thank you! Yes, we’re excited! I imagine you are as well! We’ll get to experience it all together! Love you!



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