Take a Chance & It’s Okay to Make a Mistake

by | Aug 6, 2013 | This Lefe Family

Summer is flying by. Really, how can it be August 6 already??? What a fun and beautiful summer it has been! I mentioned to Bill the other day that I feel like I’ve lived more this summer than any other summer. We’ve really had some special times. I’m so very thankful!

One thing we did last Saturday night was watch our nephews, Patrick and Bennett, perform in a group called Sheltered Reality. I thought I had an idea what they did, but come to find out, I really didn’t. I watched kids and adults do some amazing things on drums, cowbells, and in moves while they drummed. I was reminded of some very important truths that evening as I went to cheer them on. I didn’t expect to take anything away from it except a great memory of watching my nephews do something they love. But what I was reminded of I’m still thinking about days later: 1) Take a chance, 2) It’s okay to make mistakes. Thank you, Patrick and Bennett for taking a chance on yourselves in this group and not being afraid to make mistakes. And for reminding your aunt a few important things. 🙂

 Bennett & Patrick on the end
Zach, Patrick, Reagan & Bennett
When was the last time you or I tried something new? When was the last time we took a chance? It’s easy to do what we’ve always done, and often we don’t realize we’ve gotten so comfortable in our routines that we just stay there the rest of our lives. It’s also easy for me to do whatever I can to not make a mistake. But that’s unrealistic and unhealthy to live like that. We ALL make mistakes! (Ask my husband for proof of mine!)
This summer I tried something new with Bill…riding on our tandem! It’s been such a fun thing for us to do, and I’ve found it freeing to try something new. We hope to ride in a couple weeks at our town’s Sesquicentennial bike ride! 🙂
And with every blog post I make, I feel like I take a chance. I imagine some people have judged me and have labeled me one thing or another from my posts. I guess I make my faith very known, and I realize with some people, that’s not cool. And because I do that, I might offend someone. I share who I am, and to some, that’s sharing too much. 
However, after struggling so much of my life in trying to embrace who I am, and celebrating how unique God made me, I really don’t care to blend into the crowd anymore. It’s freeing to be who you are, and not trying to be someone else! With that, I desire to share my life, my experiences, my journey and my faith. I guess doing that publicly is taking a chance. But I’m okay with that today. 🙂
I look forward to seeing Patrick and Bennett perform again soon, and I encourage you to look this group up. What they do is pretty cool…for kids and adults alike! 
Again, great job Patto & Benny! Aunt Julie loves you!! (I love you too, Reagan!)
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