Spring Break Days 4, 5 & 6

by | Mar 16, 2012 | This Lefe Family

I read another quote from Joyce Meyer today on Twitter…just had to share it…

“God is not calling you to be anyone other than yourself!”

There’s such freedom in that truth.  There’s days I still struggle with that.  Maybe we all do at times.

This week has been so much fun!  Tuesday was day 4 and Wednesday was day 5 of our Spring Break.  The days are running together.  Zach had soccer practice and tryouts twice both days.  He scored a goal last night scrimmaging at practice, which made him feel on top of the world!  He has done so well.  I am proud of him and his hard work!  Ali worked Tuesday night.  She had a friend spend the night afterwards.  As girls do, they were up late talking…I could hear them until I finally fell asleep.  Reminded me of the days when I did that with my friends!

We’ve had lots of relaxing time here at home.  I’ve slept in, and gone to bed when I wanted to.  Last night Bill and I went on our second date in less than a week.  Tried a new place…we both ate healthy salads. 🙂  It was a wonderful night out together.  And the weather!  The weather has been nothing less than extraordinary!  It has been in the 70s each day this week.  I am loving it!

Regarding Joyce Meyer’s quote for today…When I was deciding on what to wear, I broke out my white capris and a new spring shirt.  I stopped for a split-second in my white capri decision…as my memory went back to the “rule” from my high school Home Ec. class…”You mustn’t wear white before Easter.”  I decided to wear them anyway.  Silly rule!  My new shirt is a bright peacock blue color…and I thought, “OOH, my MK Bahama Blue eyeliner would really make my eyes pop with this shirt.”  But, the thought of “blue eyeliner” took me back to my “blue eyeliner” days as a middle-schooler.  How hideous I looked back then!  I wore my Bahama Blue eyeliner anyway, blended with our black eyeliner…and received many compliments, I might add! 🙂

Being “me” is what I do best.  Why would I let a silly, outdated “rule” or the way I used to put blue eyeliner on affect my decision to wear what I wanted to today?  Why do we try to be someone else at times?  Maybe we try to fit in?  God designed me to be me…and not anyone else.  None of us need to fit in…we can be ourselves!  It was good to be reminded of that today!

We had a great day of shopping, eating at Olive Garden, and spending time together today!  I think Ali was born to shop!  We were gone for seven hours!!!  Oh, and I was able to have a two hour breakfast with my best friend, Tina this morning!  Wonderful!  I can always be “me” when I’m with her.  I only wish we could do those kinds of things more often!  It truly was a perfect day!

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