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by | Mar 14, 2012 | Bill, spring

“Your attitude is your thought life turned inside out.”  –Joyce Meyer

Yes, Joyce.  It sure is.  Well stated.

I’m in the middle of our spring break, and I’m already feeling it’s over.  There’s nothing like a thought like that to rob me of my joy.  I mentioned to Bill, “Spring break is half over already.”  He replied back to me, “You still have half of it left.”  Yes, Bill is right once again…Mr. Positive.

He always stays so positive.  He rarely gets negative or down.  He never talks about people…NEVER.  And he always sees the glass half-full.  I’m glad he’s that way.  When I begin to even think something negative, he’s right there to help me see a different side of things.

In fact, as I write, he’s up on our roof, nailing down new shingles to replace the 20-some that blew off a week or so ago.  He doesn’t like heights, so I’m sure being up there…with a small amount of wind, I might add…isn’t his favorite thing to do today.  But he never once complained.  Never once even mentioned he didn’t want to get up there.  He didn’t put it off either.  He picked up the shingles yesterday, picked up nails and supplies this morning, and is up there doing what needs to be done this afternoon.

I’m a blessed woman…in many ways.  A big reason is because of that man up there on the roof…Mr. Positive.  Or as my brother Steve calls him, Rocketman.  Or as my aunt Wendy calls him, Calgon.  And as I affectionately call him, Billy.  They don’t come much better than him!

So yes, Joyce Meyer, I agree.  “Your attitude is your thought life turned inside out.”  Bill’s thought life must be pretty darn good! 🙂  And I get to be the beneficiary of it!

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