Spring Break Day 1

by | Mar 11, 2012 | family, love, spring

Yesterday was a great start to our Spring Break vacation!

We attended the beautiful wedding of our friends Sam & Mitch!  I realized today, though I never got a picture of the two of them together.  What a wonderful married couple they will be!  We were honored to be included in their celebration!

Tina (my BFFL)!
Maddie & Ali
I spent much of the reception with my friend Jeanie!
Zach – what a handsome guy!
My handsome husband!
My beautiful girl!
It was wonderful spending time with “Grandma” Barb!
Ali & cousin Morgan (both are graduating this year)!
Two of the most handsome guys there…Bill & Mike!
Gracie & Ali dancing
Bill & Ali dancing
Congratulations Sam & Mitch!  🙂
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