Has Rejection Left You Feeling Unworthy?

by | May 11, 2017 | personal journey

God is on the move again.

And, in ways I never could have expected.

He’s showing me He still has a plan for my life, and it is good.

Eighteen months ago, however, I found myself in a different place. I found myself feeling unworthy, unaccepted, and unwanted. Rejection after rejection left me feeling like yesterday’s newspaper… something no one wants to read today.

Hope for when we feel unworthy. I was near my breaking point.

I was tired of reading, “… we have reviewed your qualifications and experience and have decided to proceed with another candidate…”

After submitting 23 applications to various employment opportunities, all but one had sent me a similar message. .

One begins to question her worth after that many rejections.

And the downward spiral of thoughts commenced:

“No one wants you.”

“You have nothing to offer anyone.”

“If you don’t have a ‘real’ job, you’re a nobody.”

“You’re such a failure. A failure at life.”

I couldn’t help but feel unworthy.

Maybe you understand. Maybe you’ve been there. And, maybe you’re in a similar spot today.

You feel unworthy because

… you’re single. And you no longer desire to be.

… you continue to get passed over for a promotion.

… you’ve been on the receiving end of divorce papers.

… you messed up and you can’t believe you did such a thing.

… you’re struggling to stay healthy, and you just want to be whole again.

… you replay in your mind the voice(s) which spoke, “You’re nothing and you will always be a nothing.”

Unworthy has settled in and wants to make its home.

But before we give in and allow its presence in our lives, I’d like to share some hope with you.

The rest of this story today is found here, at my friend, Lori’s blog, lorischumaker.com. I invite you over to her welcoming space to be encouraged, to receive hope, and to be reminded of your worth.

I’ll meet you over there!





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  1. Stacey Thureen

    Hi Julie! Thank you for sharing this today over at #HeartEncouragement. Blessings to you!

  2. Michele Morin

    Heading over to Lori’s place to read the rest of this wonderful story!


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